The museum is a reconstruction of Liszt's last Budapest flat on the first floor of the old Academy of Music, where the composer lived between 1881 and 1886. The collection of the museum contains his original instruments, furniture, his books, scores and some personal objects and memorabilia. The Liszt Research Centre in the house coordinates Liszt-research in Hungary.

We can arrange guided tours for pre-announced groups in several languages. Audioguides are available in 11 languages. For more information and price listing click here!


Concerts, Events
Liszt day - matinée concert
2017.10.21 11:00
Chamber Hall

Liszt day - matinée: István Gulyás (piano)
Liszt day- afternoon concert
2017.10.21 16:00
Chamber Hall

Liszt day - afternoon concert: Yohei Wakioka (piano)
Liszt day- evening concert
2017.10.21 19:00
Chamber Hall

Liszt day - evening concert: Jenő Jandó (piano)
Matinée concert
2017.10.28 11:00
Chamber Hall

Katalin Frideczky (piano) and Anna Sándor (cello)
Italy Through the Eyes of Franz Liszt

Nemzetközi kiállítás a bolognai Fondazione Liszt támogatásával és munkatársainak együttműködésével, a budapesti Olasz Intézet közreműködésével.