Liszt-Festival in Schillingsfürst

Between the 8th and the 15th of July there will be the 1st Liszt-Festival in Schillingsfürst in cooperation with the Liszt Ferenc Memorial Museum and Research in Budapest. The cooperation is the result of the "Meeting of the Liszt Houses" event which was organized in the Liszt Memorial Museum Budapest in 2016. In the Schillingsfürst festival program of 2017, this meeting is considered as the next step of last year's meeting.

Thanks to the cooperation a tableau version of the periodic exhibition from 2014 entitled Liszts ideas on Fine Arts will be shown at the Ludwig-Doerfler-Galerie and it ill be introduced by Anna Peternák, the curator of the exhibition. Domokos Zsuzsanna, the director of the Liszt Ferenc Memorial Museum and Research Center will give a lecture about Liszts activities related to Hungary. The museum will also be represented by Katalin Avar and David Spischak who participated in the construction and translation of the exhibition.

The festival is a master call as well, which will be held by pianist and Liszt researcher musicologist Leslie Howard for award-winnig young and extraodrinary pianists and the classes public and can be visited. The detailed programme of the festival can be found at the homepage of the Schillingsfürst castle:

The exhibition was supported by the Peter Horvath Stiftung.